Barre training is a low impact workout that combines ballet positions with fitness to tone your body and give you long, lean muscles like a dancer. Barre uses light dumbbells, high reps, and unique rhythmic patterns to achieve maximum muscle burn. These programs emphasize low-intensity exercises that are safe on your joints to build muscular endurance.

Not only will you burn fat and sculpt your muscles, but Barre training also improves your posture, stability, and overall balance. You’ll notice that your performance in all your other Body FX workouts will improve! You’ll squat deeper, jump higher, and have unbelievable core strength. Best of all, you’ll be standing taller and moving more gracefully, just like a dancer. Get ready to challenge yourself, get sweaty, and have fun!

  • Barre Arms & Thighs

    Ready to work on two of the most popular glamor muscles? Ani is here to bring you a Barre workout that is designed to show some TLC to the areas many people want to see less fat and more toned muscle. This Barre workout uses your own body weight and light dumbbells to target your thighs and arms....

  • Barre Booty

    Barre Booty is designed to target your glutes and core using low weight and high reps for maximum burn. Kickbacks, leg pulses and a good sweat make for a great daily workout. Side effects; firmer backside, stronger core and look better in your jeans! Barre Booty will make you stronger and all the...

  • Barre Lower Body

    Barre Lower Body doesn’t just sculpt your thighs, glutes, and calves, but it also improves your posture, stability, and overall balance. This bodyweight workout focuses on those muscles that all too often get forgotten: stabilizer muscles that are as important for aesthetics as functionality. You...