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Watch this video and more on Body FX

Watch this video and more on Body FX

Dance Plyo 1 Instruction

Dance Fitness • 10m

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  • 10 Minute Abs

    This is a quick core training circuit to get your abs, obliques and lower back toned. Jaana shares her most effective, powerful dance moves to maximize your core strength. Do this workout anytime you are short on time or want to squeeze in some extra ab work with other programs.

    Intensity Leve...

  • Signature Moves

    Now it’s time to turn up the music and perform Merengue, Samba, and Paso Double Basics. Jaana gives you simple marching exercises to develop musical awareness, improve balance and poise as a Latin dancer.

    Intensity Level: 3 / 5
    Equipment: None
    Running Time: 0:07:25

  • 3 Core Moves

    You will learn the three essential core moves that are the foundation of the entire training; hip sway, hip tuck, and hip roll. Jaana shows you precisely how to activate all your important core muscles; front abs, those hard to reach deep abs, your side obliques and wrapping all the way around to...