Body FX Presents DaYo, a yoga program that features poses to the beat of music. These movements are synchronized with rhythms to become a fluid-like dance. Not only does this become a fun way to practice yoga, but it can also be an extremely effect way to get in shape. And like all Body FX workouts, it’s fun!

DaYo is taught by our very own Tsha Jacobson. You might know her as the modifier in Figure 8! With this brand new program, she pairs yoga and dance to help you burn more calories as the combination acts as a gateway between the two art forms.

Rhythmic yoga offers all the same benefits as "normal" yoga, for example, stress relief, improved flexibility and open-mindedness! Keep your eyes and ears open, and check our Body FX app soon for updates on the release!

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  • Basics

    DaYo Basics is the perfect program for rhythmic yoga beginners. Tsha walks you through breathing exercises to get you grounded, and then slowly begins to take you through an easy flowing sequence that’s rooted in the foundations of DaYo.

    Learn 18 basic Yoga Poses, along with accurate alignments ...

  • Balance

    DaYo where yoga meets dance! Tsha will guide you on how to create, sustain and feel empowered by DaYo’s Balance program. DaYo Balance promotes physical awareness, strengthens concentration and builds focus. All of which can translate off your mat and enhance other parts of your life.

    Intensity L...