UltaBand is resistance training like you have never seen before. This program combines resistance bands with rhythms for the ultimate cardio and toning workout. How’s that different from other Body FX workouts?

UltaBand is unique in that it utilizes strength training movements you would normally perform with dumbbells or kettlebells and adapts them to the bands. This provides you with a variety of resistance exercises that come together for a super effective full-body workout.

This program also incorporates the best fitness and Pilates drills to develop a strong core while focusing on control, precision, alignment, and fluidity of movement.

UltaBand gets you moving to the rhythms within the music, and while you’re having fun, you’ll also burn more calories, build lean and toned muscle, and feel great!

Download Guides:

  • UltaBand Fitness Guide

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  • Intro

    New to UltaBand? Start here! This video will breakdown everything you need to know about resistance bands and how to safely use these bands in all of the UltaBand workouts. Aside from learning about what a resistance band is and how it can help you achieve your fitness goals, you’ll learn how to ...

  • Basics

    Once you’ve learned how to use resistance bands in UltaBand Intro, you can move on the Basics. In this workout, you’ll learn and master the twelve signature moves of the UltaBand series. Each exercise is broken down step-by-step by master trainer, Rachel. By the end of this workout, you’ll feel c...

  • Ultimate Lower Body

    You’re feeling confident with the 12 signature moves of UltaBand and now you want to get a lean and toned lower body. UltaBand: Ultimate Lower Body is a low-impact workout targets all of the muscles of the lower body including your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. Rachel is going to take yo...

  • Ultimate Upper Body

    Ultimate Upper Body is a unique combination of low-impact strength training and cardio with resistance bands! All exercises are set to fun rhythms, challenging your endurance and coordination. Get ready to sweat as Rachel takes you through an intense, effective, and fun workout that will transfor...

  • Ultimate Core

    Ultimate Core combines the best core exercises from Pilates, yoga, and fitness with resistance bands and fun cardiovascular exercise. Get ready to do a combination of floor-based and standing core exercises including planks, pikes, and pushups. This workout will build strength and stability while...

  • Ultimate Full Body

    Ultimate Full Body is a total body workout that uses resistance bands to sculpt and tone everything from your calves to your shoulders and everything in between. From strength to cardio, this low-impact functional workout paired with rhythms gives you the best of all worlds! Rachel guides you thr...

  • UltaBand Fitness Guide (Mobile)

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